Stresstest v4.5 - Changes

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In the last year we continuously developed our DDoS-Stresstest-Platform to meet the requirements to execute performance records, but also to map the current attacks that are increasingly seen "in the wild".


  • CarpetBombing for UDP and TCP-volumetric attacks
  • TCP-Reflection-attacks modified and extende, "as seen in the wild"
  • MaxTraffic 100 GB/s TCP and UDP (theoretically 5 TB/s)
  • MaxPackets 100 Mio PPS
  • better dashboards for clients
  • Logfile-Exports
  • extended Layer 7/Web-attacks with FullStack-Browsers and clickpath-simulation
  • max 10.000 Minions (IPs) per attack (LowVolume, real Botnet-Simulation)
  • Rotating IPs during Tests

Dashboard for Stresstest - Version 4

Version 5 is currently in Beta-Test and scheduled to be released end of March 2021 with more new features:

  • Live/interactive dashboards
  • replay-ability and later analysis
  • IPv6
  • scalable up to 100.000 Minions

Preview - BotControl (LOIC) v5

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