[SB20.13] Auth-Bypass in FortiMail and FortiVoice (CVE-2020-9294)

Fortinet issued an urgent Advisory via Mail with a notice about an Authentication Bypass in FortiMail and FortiVoice, referencing

with saying nothing more than:

An improper authentication vulnerability in FortiMail and FortiVoiceEntreprise may allow a remote unauthenticated attacker to access the system as a legitimate user by requesting a password change via the user interface.

Affected Products

  • FortiMail versions 5.4.10 and below.
  • FortiMail versions 6.0.7 and below.
  • FortiMail versions 6.2.2 and below.

  • FortiVoiceEntreprise versions 6.0.1 and below.

  • FortiVoiceEnterprise versions 5.3 and lower are not impacted by this vulnerability.


Strangely, but still without confirmation:

UnderTheBreach reported via Twitter about a Threat actor, trying to sell a 0day against FortiMail


There are approx 15.000 FortiMail and 1.1000 FortiVoice - Installations to be found online.




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