[SB 20.10] Sensitive information disclosure in VMWare vCenter (CVE-2020-3952)

VMWare released an adivisory (VMSA-2020-0006) which pointed to a critical vulnerability with CVSS-Score of 10.0 in vCenter/vmdir that allows an attacker to "extract highly sensitive information which could be used to compromise vCenter Server or other services which are dependent upon vmdir for authentication."

TL;DR: You can create/have access to user with Admin-Rights in vCenter (BOOM)

Because of the score we expect this vulnerability easy to be found and exploited by 3rd parties and POCs probably incoming very soon.

Multiple Exploits/POCs have emerged

(Update: 2020-04-17)

sb-20.10 vmware

approx. 85000 VMWare vCenter - Instances online


  • none

Additional Notes

vCenter Server 6.7 (embedded or external PSC) prior to 6.7u3f is affected by CVE-2020-3952 if it was upgraded from a previous release line such as 6.0 or 6.5.

Clean installations of vCenter Server 6.7 (embedded or external PSC) are not affected.


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