DONT PANIC First Aid Kit

Incase of a real SNAFU

Security / Incident Cheat Sheets and References

IP-and Network - Forensic

Security Online Resources

  • Toolbox @

    possible actions (add servername or ip): blacklist: / smtp: / mx: / a: / txt: / whois: / scan:

  • servercheck @

    input dns-name, NOT ip

  • SSL - Check @ checks for valid and safe ssl-certs
    and misconfiguration / outdated ciphers

  • Heise-Toolbox (Ping, Whois, Punycode, Scans)



Online Website - Check (Malware/Status)



the following checks doesnt seem to support SNI?


misc Website-Tests/Browser-Tests


SysAdmin - References

Human Translation



Windows & co

Shells and other animals

Developer-Stuff & misc. Checktools

Incase of a real SNAFU


Realtime-Attacks / Outages




Networkcalculations & Cheatsheets


System- and Browsercheck

System- and Browsercheck

DNSRBL - lookups

Current Spam-Stats


About Notfallkoffer / DONT PANIC First Aid Kit + Credits

Notfallkoffer, which is german for "First Aid Kit", is a collection of DONT PANIC resources, links, manuals, howtos, best-practice-guides and tools that might help you in case of emergency, security breach/incident or any other (security) related problem with servers or networks, which might be intrusion, data-exposure, *.attacks, viruses et al.

This page is javascript-free and works excellent with console-browsers

The Notfallkoffer / DONT PANIC First Aid Kit is public accessible via, but might also be downloaded as html_version with resources included. (not yet, kemraden, not yet!)


All the kudos goes to the writers of that cheat-sheets, manuals, documents, images and helpful informations; didn't found time to name them all here, but we're standing on your shoulders. A BIGUP && Thanx for sharing your knowlegde!


(batteries NOT included and Warranty Removed)

All linked txt/html/pdf and other material is (c) copyright by the authors and published here, either allowed by license (you'll find that license within each document, if given) or by written permission by the authors.

The Notfallkoffer/DONT PANIC First Aid Kit is free software, published under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 1.3.

This is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. See the GNU General Public License for more details. A copy of the GNU Free Documentation License is available on the World Wide Web at You can also obtain it by writing to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.


Feel free to contact us via: dontpanic () zero DOT bs for suggestions, comments or bugs.

  • actual version: see source (top)


v2.x - 2018-05

  • after beeing offline for nearly a year, new home @
  • additional section: passive recon-tools

  • more ressouces

    • locaping
    • atlas ncc and stuff
    • additional IP-reputation-section

v0.8.x - 2017-12

  • converted to markdown
  • some cleanup
  • added ssl-check to website-online-check - area
  • more (re)sources

    • How's My SSL?
    • Digital Attack Map
    • SSLLabs Browser Test
    • NMAP CheatSheet
    • Thawte-SSL - Check
    • more SSL-Checks
    • punycode-converter
    • heise-tools
    • xml-validator
    • SedChart
    • KVM
    • SNAFU-Links
    • URL En/Decode
    • CheatSheet-Collection
    • Security Problem Excuse Bingo
    • DNS zonetransfer / AXFR - check
    • viewdns & http/2 check
    • changed the link to ESET online-scanner (thanx for notifying, ESET!)
    • more links to dns-tools and dns-history
    • crimeflare
    • dnsdumpster
    • pingdom speedtest
    • wappalyzer
  • linkcheck / deleted legacy-stuff

v0.7.x - 2010-10

  • added more system/online-checks
  • added website-online-checker
  • added more refs to sysadmin + sec
  • added for ssl-checks in online-scources
  • credits and license included